Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Atoms of Haiku

    14 of my haiku are appearing in this collection. Thank you to the AU team!

a tinge of pink
on a widow's cheeks . . .
cherry blossom buds

silence between us
braiding the moonlight . . .
last evening walk
winter wind
I tighten my scarf
with his memory

the whip
of the winter chill—
recurrent cancer

winter gales
the first few nights
without him

butterscotch sun
his voice slides into
my bedroom door

summer afternoon
I let the clouds weave me
another dream

spring rain
a cypress tree
begins to twinkle

winter night
a howling dog
brings out the moon

summer night
warming his hands
on the piano keys

mimosa blooms
butterfly wings draped
with fragrance


milkweed seeds . . .
how the wind catches
me and my dreams

wine moon . . .
drowning myself
with lies

broken pot
what marigolds
in full bloom

     Atoms of Haiku may be purchased on Amazon. Another book to add to my Wish List.

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