Friday, January 27, 2017

Stardusk Haiku Issue 1

     So glad to be a part of this new journal, Stardust Haiku by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams. The topic of this issue is anything that sparkles, shines, or glows.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Caribbean Kigo Kukai 112

     So delighted when I found out about this award! I received a copy of Gillena Cox's Pink Crush as a prize for winning the kukai. We already did a book swap so I already have a copy of her book. I will just give it to someone as a gift. To see the full results of the Caribbean Kigo Kukai 112, click here. 
     Gillena Cox's wrote a commentary on her blog. I've copied and pasted it below for your convenience. 

     The chill of winter greets us, as soft as snowflakes falling, we can settle into warm pyjamas, fluffy slippers or plain amazement like me; when, on vacation In New York, my sister called me to the front door and urged me to put my hands out, only to be caressed by, for the very first time in my life, nature's divine snowflakes.
     Since my first snowflake experience is thus, when i read Chrissi's haiku, i could taste, the comforting hot chocolate, and remember the caress of nature, all at the same time. I had not yet gotten to Line Two of her haiku but i was wrapped up, warm and snug.
     Chrissi continue in her very evocative style, in this haiku, by wrapping herself, and us, in the process; as she smothers herself with a sense of taste, embrace, and memory What's not to love about this haiku. I am not easily moved to tears, but, if i were one of those at Line Three, I would have certainly have had to reach for a kleenex or two.
     This haiku affects our senses in a good way. We want to reach out and hug Chrissi. We want to tell her, this is what memories should be about, keeping us warm when the cold drafts of day to day, whatever the season, drift in.

Well Done Chrissi
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Man's Maple Moon: Ring Tanka

      Just what I need to jump-start my enthusiasm for the new year! NeverEnding Story has published today my "ring tanka" from my poetry book, The Bluebird's Cry, with Chen-ou Liu's Chinese translation. Reading the comment from my old-time favorite poet has lifted my spirits up.
by the fountain
with a ring encircling
my finger . . . ...

all I knew then
was the word forever
See translation here.

Chen-ou Liu's comment:

Structurally and thematically speaking, the tanka is effectively framed by these emotionally significant and symbolically rich phrases, "by the fountain" and " the word forever." And the contrasts (presence vs absence, past vs present, happiest moment vs poignant remembrance, ...) between the two parts of the poem are heartwrenching.