Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Seabeck Haiku Getaway 2016

     So excited to attend the Seabeck Haiku Getaway for the first time. I'm almost done packing. Just want to share this picture. I'm almost ready! I still have to print out the poems I will be sharing and the song I will be playing with my ukulele for the talent show.

     I made 60 bookmarks and 10 copies of the latest Frameless Sky issue to give away. I'm also taking with me some copies of The Bluebird's Cry to sell. :-)
     By the way, I have extended the submission deadline of Frameless Sky until November 15. This will give more people a chance to contribute to the next issue, most especially the new friends I'll be making this weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ribbons (Spring/Summer 2016)


Ribbons (Spring/Summer 2016)

Tears of a Child

where are the memories
of mother loving me?
tiny spiders
crawl out from the cracks
of her headstone

the many times
I rolled down the stairs
as a child
her spankings hurt
more than any fall

moth wings quiver
with the slightest wind
all the things
I wish I could have done
without fear

growing up
her photos followed  me
around the room
an artificial flower arrangement
stuck in an old vase

a tree branches out
with its blossoms and fruits
I didn’t know
what I wanted to be
but to be loved

you ask me why
now I write these stories
for children. . .
tears rolling down
the doll’s face are mine

Monday, August 8, 2016

Results of the Annual Tanka Contest 2016 at Mandy's Pages

     My first time as a judge for a contest was a little stressful and frightening, but I stepped up to the plate and made it a very enjoyable experience. I bravely picked the winners and try not to worry about who I would be disgruntling. Just as the saying goes, "You can't please everybody."
     Here are my top selections and my comments:
each moment
here on earth is numbered . . .
so why not
fly too close to the moon,
and hang our hats on stars?
Debbie Strange
Winnipeg, Canada 
I chose this as the winner because I wanted to base my decision on originality, freshness, and  authenticity. The poet’s writing style is utterly captivating! The serious tone of the first two lines pivots in the phrase, “so why not.” The mood that follows is somewhat childlike, evoking a sense of adventure and imagination. Isn’t that how we should enjoy life? We should take risks, dream big, have fun! With the use of the s/l/s/l/l form, this tanka gives you a heartwarming ending with some dreaming space.
the verdant hills
of his childhood
he scratches
his growing
bald spot
Billy Antonio
Laoac, Philippines
The poet’s perfect choice of metaphor proves that humor can be used effectively in tanka. The verdant hills implies lushness which is in contrast to his growing bald spot. To emphasize the decreasing loss of hair, words are placed in descending order. A hint of annoyance about the poet’s aging is implied with the word “scratch”, but using humor in this tanka shows us his/her acceptance of this human condition. I enjoyed the surprise ending. Brilliant tanka!
after tea
I linger in the garden
this summer day
held tight by sunlight
and the scent of honeysuckle
Barbara Kaufmann
This breathtaking tanka has a lasting effect on me because of the lovely choice of words. The “s” sounds in “summer,” “sunlight,” “scent of honeysuckle” has a soft, soothing effect. It makes me “linger” longer to feel the “sunlight” and smell the “scent of honeysuckle.” The use of the phrase “held tight” elevates the tanka. For a moment, I feel like I am entranced, absorbed in the present, and in one with nature. I also wonder what the poet is thinking as he/she lingers in the garden. A well-crafted tanka that naturally falls into the s/l/s/l/l structure.
     Congratulations to all the winners! To read the full post at Mandy's Pages, please click here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

World Haiku Association (143rd Haiga Contest)

       Kuniharu Shimizu has mentioned each month he will be selecting haiga with higher criteria both in image and haiku. For this month he accepted 26 out of 58 submissions. I'm happy that my haiga was one of them
(143rd Haiga Contest, June 2016)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Heart Breaths

     Grateful that 11 of my haiku are included in Heart Breaths: Book of Contemporary Haiku. Available to purchase here .

cloud break . . .
a fledgling peeks out
of a cracked shell


spring dawn . . .
a baby robin's trill
warms the sunlight


tumbling leaves . . .
I drift where grief
takes me today


tracing the cracks
on his leather chair . . .
death anniversary


this feeling of knowing
you were already gone . . .
murmur of stars


spring buds
his pinky finger
slips into mine


banjo strings
the night he plucks
the stars


fall morning
a lily laps up
a ray of sunshine


sunlight slides
from the mountain top . . .
a seagull's call


winter dawn
the cry of a hawk
piercing the fog


empty sea . . .
in a fisherman's boat
a bucketful of stars

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

     My haiga on the last issue of A Hundred Gourds. I agree with my poet friend, Hazel Hall, that this tanka is an apt poem for their sad ending. I don't submit here all the time, but I will miss reading more issues. I'm glad to know that they are still keeping their website.