Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My Tanka at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in England

Out of 800 beautiful poems from 30 countries worldwide my tanka was selected for a woodblock print at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in England. Thank you so much to Karen and Alan Summers for making this possible! Congratulations to all my poet friends!…/

Friday, March 20, 2020

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Where Tanka Prose Grows 2019 (First Place)

I still can't believe that I won first place! I had two tanka written for the prose and I keep changing my mind. Too bad I can never know if I still would have won if I submitted the other tanka. Thank you so much to Amanda DCosta and Susan Burch for organizing this contest every year. 

Hope you enjoy my first attempt in submitting to this contest!


     As soon as my eyes are closed, I’m swept into a library of dusty memories. The heaviest book from my crammed bookshelf easily slips between my hands. I’ve no choice because it opens itself and I’m instantly wearing my green and white uniform. Over and over, I stumble on the same sentences. I grasp for more words from a poem which I know I’ve memorized a hundred times. Nothing comes back to me. All I can gather are beads of sweat.

Then I miss the bus. Or did I just ride the wrong bus? Someone is waiting for me at home. He's now pacing back and forth while I’m going around in circles. Should I call and say I’m running late? Why can’t I remember anybody’s phone number?

I scurry in and out of shopping malls. Where’s the red dress I saw the other day? I rummage through a stack of clothes bins and squiggle my way deep into the bottom. Deeper…Deeper… Before I know it, I find myself running to a bus stop. I’m so relieved to see four-wheel vehicles leading to somewhere… But where is home? I try to fly. I know I could fly at one time. Maybe this time I would.

“What’s happening here? Why am I at the wrong side of the freeway? I’m going back to Oroville!!! We are supposed to be on our way to Sacramento?” his voice an octave higher.

I wake up from a haze, wondering which one isn’t real. 

a spiral

winding to the center

of a moon shell . . .

that time when I lived 

in a world of paper dolls

***Comment by contestants: This is an interesting tanka prose that presents a dreamlike state to the reader. The title and tanka work too.   I like the fact that the title has more than one meaning. I am not sure the last line of the prose is needed. One quibble is I was distracted by the several question-mark sentences in the second paragraph.

Click the link here to the website so you can see the other winners and enjoy their tanka prose as well.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hog Wild Anthology

I'm happy that I have a haiku included in Hog Wild Anthology

roasted pig
the juicy converstions
of guests

If you want to know more about this anthology, here's a review that I posted on Facebook. 

Hog Wild, edited by Corine Timmer and published by Bicadeideias, is much more than just pleasing to the eye. Though its pebble art adds a fun and earthy touch, this haiku collection digs deeper. It stems straight from the heart of the contributing poets launching us into a sensory-rich experience. The clever sequencing of the poems by the editor enhances this experience even further. From a piglet plushy to a hog’s head perched on sticks, this is one book I would like to read over and over again! Proceeds go to Farms Not Factories, a charity in the United Kingdom. 

Here are some examples from Hog Wild:

spa day
boars basking
in mud masks
Diane Tomczak
the soft skin
behind a sow's ears
spring morning
Joseph Robello
Tuscan boar stew
a taste of the meadow
in every bite
Corine Timmer
livestock truck-
one round pig nose
stuck between bars
Marina Bellini

Monday, November 4, 2019

Human/Kind Journal 1.9

Human/Kind Journal - Issue 1.9 Artist Trading Card Gallery is here! 

I never heard of artist trading cards until I discovered this journal was going publish an ATC gallery show for their next issue. I was excited about the idea of trying something new so I tried my best to find time to submit. Luckily, 4 of my mini artwork were accepted! 

"Broken Stairs"


"The Loneliness"


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Human/Kind Journal Issue 1.8

My debut appearance in this journal edited by Robin Anna Smith. 

                                                                  fallen maple leaves—  
the prayers of sycophants


slanted against morning a red bird's wings cutting names 


*Sources for found poems in this issue, in order of appearance: “The Letter” by Mary Ruefle, “Facing It” by Yusef Komunyakaa, and “Winter Flowers” by Stanley Moss.