Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Hundred Gourds 4:2

Peace Lily

too late                                               /shloka
to start over . . .
even the stems                                  /christine
of my peace lily
have turned brittle


this baggage                                     /shloka
i no longer wish
to carry . . .

the last downpour                             /christine
from torrential rains


colourless                                         /shloka
i skim through life
like a ripple . . .

could I have loved                            /christine
you differently


whisking                                           /shloka
my heart to a standstill . . .

after all these years                         /christine
the well has drawn

the echo                                           /shloka
of a faraway bird
reaches me . . .

someday I'll find it                            /christine
in my heart to forgive
*On the A Hundred Gourds website, the word "differently" on the 15th line was unintentionally omitted. A simple typo that has not been corrected. Here's the link.

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