Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creaking Door

creaking door . . .
a love message on the wall
written in blood

October 10 NaHaiWriMo prompt: haiku noir

     Prompter of the month Scott Abeles explains, "Dennis Garrison, the publisher/poet, describes the sub-genre of haiku noir as "at the farthest end of the spectrum of subject matter, dealing with that which is not generally considered to be proper subject matter for the classical haiku; for example: tragedy, loss, sorrow, depression, madness, terror, horror, anger, macabre humor, anti-heroism, crime, passion, the underworld/subcultures ..." I'd add that, as with film noir, good noir, despite the darkness, is oddly attractive, even beautiful. Consider in addition to old masters like John Huston or Raymond Chandler more modern practitioners of the dark arts, like Martin Scorcese (Raging Bull) or Trent Reznor (Hurt). 

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