Friday, October 12, 2012

The New Haiga Editor of A Hundred Gourds

   Aubrie Cox of Yay Words! has just officially announced that she will be the editing the haiga section of A Hundred Gourds starting March 2013. This is exciting news! I'm sure she will be do a fantastic job for this online journal. I was able to participate in a few of her projects on Yay Words! and all of them were a huge success.
    Submissions period is from September 15 to December 15. You can find more details on the submission page
    Her haiga guidelines:

    On the most  fundamental  level,  I consider  haiga to be the combination of an image and short poem. However, the poem should not explain the picture or vice versa. Rather, the poem should expand upon what’s presented in the image and vice versa. This expansion may play off an emotion, theme, or detail that’s presented in either or both the image and poem; the image/poem may also alter the audience’s perception of the poem/image. The best haiga do not always have an obvious connection between the poem or image, but resonate and create an experience that would not be possible by the poem or image alone—the two art forms come together to create something new when put together that would not exist otherwise. That being said, both the poem and image must be well crafted and be able to carry their own weight.
   I accept the combination of image and haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, and short haibun. Play is an important part of haikai to me, so I strongly encourage the use of all mediums for artwork including, but not limited to: photography, brushwork, collage (digital and handmade), pencil/ink sketches, and computer graphics. Please do not send haiga made with stock and/or creative commons images.
     Haiga images must be JPEG/JPG format with a maximum height/width of 750 pixels including any decorative borders and a minimum height/width of 600 pixels. Include your signature as part of the artwork itself. Please make sure the text within the graphics is readable, and keep in mind we may resize images when necessary to fit our format. If a haiga is a collaboration, both parties must give permission to publish and include name and contact information.

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