Monday, May 4, 2015

Tanka Poets on Site (January 2015 prompt - April 2015 prompt)

an avalanche
of memories snowballing
into grief . . .
the stories behind
a box of receipts
January 11 prompt: opening the box
See comments here.
why can't life
be simplified
I'm always baffled
in the grocery aisle
of cheese
January 31 prompt: say cheese
See comments here.
writing his name
on my bathroom mirror . . .
the mist disappears
just like the promise
he once said
February 5 prompt: what you draw or write on a napkin, back of envelope, etc.
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the same piano keys
you once touched . . .
I learn to hum our song
on my own
February 11 prompt: instrument
See comments here.
waking up
with no desire
to get out of bed
I picture the pinkness
of azalea blooms
February 17 prompt: beauty of spring
See comments here.
just listening
to the plip plop of the pond
maybe this time
my heart will unwind
its bandages
March 20 prompt: healing ourselves
See comments here.
not knowing
the exact moment
I knew I loved you . .
footsteps of a flamingo
at the edge of the lake
March 21 prompt: subtle
See comments here.
what dreams
have I missed . . .
I stay awake
just to hear us
*inspired by the song "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
Kathy Uyen Nguyen's response
you breathe fragments
into my hollow dreams . . .
suddenly I wake
to the dawn song unfolding
from a robin's wing beat
April 2 prompt: rhythm and rhyme
See comments here.
telling me about
our old friend dancing
to Greek music . . .
are you at death's door
peeking through heaven?
April 6 prompt: peeking out of a window, a door with unexpected sight
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