Monday, June 1, 2015

Frameless Sky Issue Two

     It's great to be back blogging again. I know I keep promising to update my blog, but life gets in the way. To make up for it, I'm back with a big bang! I'm here to announce that the 2nd issue of Frameless Sky is now available! Thank you so much to the team who worked with me and to all the contributors:

Frameless Sky team:

Rick Daddario

Alex Bett
David Hollandsworth
Shloka Shantar
Traci Barlow (US), Willie R. Bongcaron (Philippines), Helen Buckingham (England), Anne Curran (New Zealand), Stephen Chase Gagnon (USA), Hazel Hall (Australia), Devin Harrison (Canada), Josie Hibbing (USA), Judit Hollos (Hungary), Mary Holman (USA), Alegria Imperial (Canada), Violette Rose-Jones (New Zealand), Annie Juhl (Denmark), Arvinder Kaur (India), Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy (UK), David Kuhlmann (USA), Vibeke Laier (Denmark), Chen-ou Liu (Canada), Kumarendra Mallick (India), Jayashree Maniyil (Australia), Elizabeth Moura (USA), Archana Kapoor Nagpal (India), Kathy Uyen Nguyen (USA), Veronika Zora Novak (Canada), Rita Odeh (Israel), Sandi Pray (USA), Kala Ramesh (India), Shloka Shankar (India), Debbie Strange (Canada), André Surridge (New Zealand), Paresh Tiwari (India), Julie Warther (USA)

For those who haven't heard of it, Frameless Sky is a biannual haiga and tanka art video journal showcasing poets, artists, and musicians in a collaborative project. It seeks high quality tanka—either as stand-alone poems or poems that would be paired with artwork—and artwork that would be paired with tanka. There are three different submission categories. To find out more about the submission guidelines, please click this link
   Here is the sneak preview of Frameless Sky Issue 2.



  1. nice to see, read and hear you again, Chrissi,
    great job, bravo !

    1. Thank you, Iris. :-) Hoping to get serious about updating my blog starting today. :-)