Sunday, December 2, 2012

Haiku Sharing on Prose Posies

     This December, Cara Holman is inviting us to share our own haiku every day on her blog, Prose Posies. It may be published or unpublished as long as it is related in any way to her haiku post.
     For her first post, this is what she shared:

a stranger in the crowd
that looks like you
blue mist

(Shiki Kigo Kukai, November 2012)

     My response:

blossoms in her hand
he smiles without knowing
her name

Sketchbook (January/February 29, 2012: Vol. 7, No.1)

     My haiku doesn't convey any longing or loneliness like hers, but it also talks about a stranger. The two haiku matches somehow. Just like Cara said, it's like playing the card game of Crazy Eights. So easy and fun, isn't it? Go ahead and read all the haiku responses for the first post here. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss it. 

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