Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Up?

Here are the latest news:
1.) 2nd Haiku My Photo Challenge - I've already received more than a dozen lovely entries. Hopefully, there will be more entries in the coming days. I guess this August, NaHaiWrimo has kept almost everyone I know focused on the daily prompts. I don't blame them because I, myself, have been pouring a lot of time in it.     
     If you haven't read about my contest, please click here to find out more about it. 
2.) September: 30 Days of Haiga - Rick Daddario is hosting his 2nd annual haiga month. He is inviting haiga enthusiasts to create their own haiga daily for the whole month of September. To find out how to join in, read more on A 19 Planets Art Blog 2010-2012
     I'm hoping to participate. Perhaps, at least once a week. 
3.) Every Road Takes Me to The Sea - Aubrie Cox is cooking up another exciting project. This time the theme is sea and/or thieves/thievery. She welcomes submissions in the form of haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, gogyoka, renku, haibun, haiga (doodles most welcome!), small stones, short poems (up to 10 lines), etc. Visit Yay Words! to get more information. 
     I've already started checking out her doodles on her blog and have posted a couple of haiku. No submission list for me yet. Maybe after I've posted my last haiku on NaHaiWriMo, I can relax, recharge, and get my creative juices flowing again for the next challenge. 
     How about you? Is there anything here that appeals to you? Go ahead and find out more. Your September might turned out to be a very creative month for you.

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