Monday, August 27, 2012

Beatles Song

     August 27 NaHaiWrimo prompt is "Beatles song", provided by Johannes S. H. Berg. I enjoyed this prompt very much because as I was writing my haiku, I was listening to the Fab Four on PBS. I also realized any song of the Beatles has a line which can be created into a haiku. So, for the first time, I posted three haiku.

strawberry fields
her lipstick marks 
on a love letter

(Strawberry Fields Forever)

first kiss
fragrant meadows 
of dawn

(Till There Was You)

autumn moon
speaking words of wisdom
let it be

(Let It Be)

      Comments on my haiku may be found here. Click this for more information on the 31 Different NaHaiWriMo Prompters in August 2012.

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