Friday, April 13, 2012

Doodlefest (Day 21-31)

(click headings to see the doodle of Aubrie Cox on Yay Words!)

dizzying thoughts
I take a break
to look at the moon


mind chatter
I take a break
to look at the moon

floating bubbles
the child in her
never left
floating bubbles...
a child's laugh
in her laughter
rainbow bubbles
a child twirls
with a magic wand

waters of spring
finding the brooch
my mom used to wear

summer breeze
pulling his gaze from her
dandelion tattoo

surrendering to
a choir of birds

immigration papers
the tulip opens
once again

blank page...
one by one
the stars whisper

snail mail
he reads my mind
across the room

hocus pocus...
under the stars
we need no magic

crimson sky
the click of his lighter
after making love

karaoke music
not a single star
stands out tonight

I Doodle, You 'Ku - 31

spring dream...
a fox hesitates
to leave a butterfly

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