Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Season Word List

     While I was checking out Haigaonline for my next submission, I came across three resources where you can find a season word list. These sites are actually suggested for the next haiga challenge, but these might prove helpful in writing your haiku.

     The World Haiku Club's World Kigo Database     
     "The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words" at Renku Home
     Yuki Teikei Haiku Society

     A Dictionary of Haiku by Jane Reichhold might also be useful to you. She has arranged a list of poems, not alphabetically, but by seasons. By checking this out, you can find out what words or phrases correspond to a certain season.

     By the way, Haigaonline is now accepting only one haiga from each contributor. Luckily, the editor informed me that she was pleased to include one of my haiga for their next issue. The haiga is another collaborative effort with my brother, Perry. In June, I'll be posting it for sure. :-)   

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