Friday, March 2, 2012

Missing Kathy

     While Kathy Uyen Nguyen is on her two-month hiatus, I'm posting some of my favorites which she had written for The Collaborative Photo-Haiku Project.

Click the entry for Tif Holme's photo.

1) Entry 17

    framing us
    in this sidewalk
    rain puddles...
    the way our love
    ripples into song

Entry 20

    new love
    fumbling for the keys
    and for the perfect kiss
    just as a firefly
    skips by our shadows

Entry 22

    spring buds...
    even after all these years
    we still count
    the firsts of everything
    in our love

Entry 23

    the sidewalks darken
    I learn the meaning
    of filling the cracks
    between us

Entry 25

    is it possible
    to long for so much...
    even these thorns
    cannot count the times
    my old wounds reopen

Entry 27

    looking over
    the ledge between love
    and the unknown
    like the pigeons I fight
    the urge to fly towards you

Entry 29

    the deep bloom
    of fuchsias outside
    until the days shorten
    I can only dream of what we
    will say when we meet again

    The perfect haiku to match the most gorgeous photo of the month! Indeed, there is so much to look forward when she comes back in May.
    As she leaves, a bittersweet goodbye seems to permeate from some of the last haiku.

    no luggage
    only the flower scent
    to remember

                         Ambra Quelleri

    sunrise light
                my heart opening
                              with welcome sorrow

                                                    Kris Lindbeck

    purple dusk...
    the last blueberries
    staining our tears

         The last one is mine, especially written for her. :-)

     To Kathy, I wish you well. When you come back, I'm sure you'll even have more beautiful poetry to share to all of us.


  1. Awww, thank you, Christine! This was absolutely touching. I was tearing up as I was reading this. Thank you so much for the feature! And even more so, thank you so much for the haiku responses everyone wrote. I did not realize how the themes run together until you posted them here--well, I'm glad to be back! :) *hugs*

  2. You're welcome, Kathy! I'm happy that you're back and you finally read this post. I hope Ambra Quilleri doesn't mind me posting it here, but it seems right to add it because she wrote it especially for you. I don't know how to contact her.

    The next month didn't feel as inspiring and enjoyable without you around. I'm glad nowadays I'm seeing your almost everywhere. ;-)*hugs*