Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Entries on CPH Project

     Today I found out who the print recipient is for the month of February. It's a little bit disappointing for me because I was rooting for some people. I guess it's not really that important because I know most of them are there to be inspired by Tif Holmes' photography.
     To name a few of my favorites, here is a list. Click the entry number to see the photo.

   looking for
   her contact lenses
   I found a world

                              Kris Lindbeck

   dry maple leaf-
   the decision to follow
   the wren's song

                               Rita Odeh

   the hazy sun behind
   the barbed wire

                         Rita Odeh

   misty dawn
   the smell of flowers
   I cannot name
                         Kris Lindbeck
3)  Entry 28

    morning light
    my barefoot wet
    with dew

                         Kris Lindbeck

     Check out their blogs here:
2) Rita -     

     I would have included a couple of Sandi Pray's haiku, but I haven't gotten her permission yet. Maybe I'll be able to post them one of these days.      

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