Wednesday, February 1, 2012

World Haiku Association (96th Haiga Contest)

World Haiku Association 
(96th Haiga Contest, Jan. 2012)

     I'm so fortunate that there's another photographer in the family, a much better one than me. My brother was generous enough to give me a copy of this breathtaking photo. As soon as I saw it published in WHA, I was eager to post it on Facebook and share it to him. I'm sure he's as ecstatic as I am and that he's also looking forward to seeing more of our works in the near future.    
     Manila bay, a natural port found in the Philippines, is famous for its boardwalk where you can view one of the most awe-inspiring sunsets in the world.   

     Kuniharu Shimizu's comment: "Photograph with mood and goes well with haiku."                                                                       


  1. Good Post!!

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  2. What a beautiful photo and poignant haiku. Just lovely.


  3. Thanks, Gisele! I miss home at times :-( particularly, my family :-)

  4. Beautiful haiga, Christine! :) You and your brother did a fabulous job! :)

  5. Thanks a lot, Kathy! I'm sure my brother will also be thrilled to know that we did a beautiful haiga :-)

  6. Great teamwork, Sis! Keep it up!

  7. Thanks again for your breathtaking photo, my talented brother! :-)