Saturday, August 18, 2018

Annual Tanka Contest 2018 (Mandy's Pages)

I didn't expect this so I was so thrilled when I found out about it. It pays to resubmit a poem in another journal or contest even after it had been rejected. You just never know! 

Here is the comment of this year's judge, Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy.

 Another trim poem that says a lot in a few words.

There are two strands I read here- one of how “my wanting you” is sticky? And also how and how much “I want you” to love me back. Related but separate. Another interesting take for me as reader, that the author may not have made in mind, is how the sap of frangipani, which is toxic, can also be a balm for certain skin conditions. So another cautionary tale here- in small amounts, it’s all good. Make it too much, and it all goes to pot.

Isn’t this the trap into which many of us fall whilst we love? To be too close for comfort! That can leave one claustrophobic and screaming for some fresh air. This lack of space can often be the death knell to many a relationship.

Click here to enjoy all the winning selection and judge's comment.

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