Saturday, June 16, 2018

Inaugural Issue of Ephemerae (part 1)

I'm so honored to have this tanka sequence, a collaboration with fellow poets, published in the first issue of Ephemerae. Thanks to the editor, Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, for accepting this!
Different Paths

the wattle dies
from too much water
all the ways

he finds to avoid
saying 'I love you'                                                   David Terelinck

low clouds
swallow the echoes
thicken the dark
for the last kilometer
no words between us                                             Violette Rose-Jones

full stop
at a fork in the road
this time
will we choose
different paths                                                         Carol Judkins

row upon row
of casino slots . . .
the odds

of loving for life,
of beating the house                                               Donna Buck

street kids
jingling coins
in tin cups
weighing the value
of the little we've left                                               Christine L. Villa

across the cliff face
lives sculpted
by summer dream
and winter storms . . .                                             Carole Harrison

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