Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tanka Poets on Site (October '14 prompt - December '14 prompt)

morphine moon . . .
fading in and out
my courage
as you ask me
where you are
October 13 prompt: morphine moon
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days when the tone
of my voice is like ice . . .
all it really needs
is the warmth
of your hug
November 11 prompt: days of ice and frost
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holding hands
we carry on our shoulders
the lightness of clouds
what can bog us down
in this journey
November 20 prompt: how we walk together
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every now and then
the flicker of a firefly . . .
still in my hand
all of you I need
to let go
November 26 prompt: firefly
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I watch a firefly
spiraling into the sky . . .
do you mind
carrying this message
way up to heaven
November 26 prompt: firefly
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stitching the spaces
between the silence
of twilight . . .
I sigh and let go
of all my worries
December 13 prompt: twilight changes
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