Monday, December 29, 2014

Seize the Poem (October '14 prompt - December '14 prompt)

my yesterdays
a river of scarlet tears . . .
now I only dream
of purple cotton candy
and blossom rain
October 19 prompt: mist/river/shapes
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I hold my breath
between these words
I long to hear . .
the soft, hushed sound
of a violin
November 23 prompt: violin music/in silence/the unexpected
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winter sun . . .
all it takes to heal
after a night
of heavy silence
is a ringtone
December 6 prompt: winter sun
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the day
I asked you not
to hold my hand . . .
at the corner of my heart
love was just waiting
to bloom
prompt: unexpected places
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a white butterfly
carries my prayer . . .
cancer remission
each moment with you sea asters
December 26 prompt: white butterfly/sea asters
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