Monday, October 27, 2014

Swimming in the Lines of Haiku - Spotlight on Christine L. Villa

     One of the good things that happened to me last Friday was a special post written by Kirsten Cliff on her blog, Swimming in the Lines of Haiku. It was a kind and generous act because she featured my latest accomplishments - Frameless Sky (the very first haiga and tanka art video journal) and my two children's publication (The Eskalets and The Magic Paintbrush).
     Here's the link.
     In case you don't know, Kirsten Cliff has two online shops right now. One is Haiku On (, a store where you can buy t-shirts such as the one I'm wearing in this picture.
Another one is Elliot Books, a bookstore operating 24/7 through New Zealand's Trade Me. To read the blog post announcing this latest venture with her husband, click here.
     I'm so glad that Kirsten and I believe in dreams. Now we both see our present beautifully unfolding.