Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Angry Tanka by Atlas Poetica

     Just haven't found the time to post this yet. I have actually enjoyed the angry tanka collection so much. Thank you, Susan Burch, for coming up with Angry Tanka as a special feature section of Atlas Poetica. I'm so honored to have my tanka included among 25 poems you have chosen. 
you found me
after five failed marriages
why is there a pause
when I ask you
if I am your best wife
      For those of you that haven't read it yet, here's the link. I have so many favorites, but these are my top five:
after his sulking
after his insults
after his tantrums
I accidentally spill bleach
on his shirt

Margaret Chula, USA

unsettled argument
I serve the soup
to warn him
how hot it is

Sylvia Forges-Ryan, USA

last night's 
storm still brewing
her voice 
growing more defiant
with each "fine"

Shloka Shankar, India

that time 
you called me
by her name
after all these years
the burning in my belly

Debbie Strange, Canada

the fingernail cut
you left deep
within the tomato’s skin . . .
so, this is how you want
to end our one-month fling

Kathy Uyen Nguyen, USA

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