Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dos Por Dos Poetry

      I'm participating again this February in NaHaiWriMo. This time I'm going to practice dos por dos poetry for each prompt.
     While I was initially experimenting on this new kind of poetry created by Ernesto Santiago, I came up with a few examples, but this particular one works for me. I first posted it on PH-Philippine Haiku.

empty mug . . .
a sunbeam fills up
my heart

     Later on I posted this on Dos Por Dos on Facebook. Click here to see some comments. 
     To know more about dos por dos poetry, join us here
     Here's E. Santiago's introduction to this new form of poetry:

     What is Dos Por Dos Poetry? Dos por dos—is a contemporary non-rhyming form of Filipino poetry that consists of three lines with the first line having two words, the second line having four words, and the third line having two words (2 words / 4 words / 2 words) scheme. The subject matter and / or the imagery present a snippet of man's every day existence. The line breaks of dos por dos serve as punctuation, or one can opt for a dash, colon, semicolon, or ellipsis. There are no caps used, unless of course it is needed. Dos por dos poetry is the offspring of an experimentation on Japanese micro poetry: haiku / senryu. A poem is a dos por dos haiku when it is written as haiku and it deals about nature, and it can be formulated as in the above-mentioned format of 2 words / 4 words / 2 words, or in a dos por dos variant form of haiku syllables count of 2/4/2 scheme. A poem is technically a dos por dos senryu when the subject matter is not about nature, but of human foibles. Dos por dos literally means two times two or 2 by 2. Dos por dos form of poetry is invented January 30, 2014 by Ernesto P. Santiago, PH—Philippine Haiku FB group creator. Below some poems from PH-Philippine Haiku poets as examples.

Dos Por Dos Poetry (2 words / 4 words / 2 words)

coffee cups
an aftertaste of dreams
spreads out

Angelo Ancheta

sleep doesn't come easy
for dreams

Anne Carly Abad

born anew
a dos por dos
haiku Filipino

Santíago Víllafanía

peppermint taste
the thrill of waiting
for beginnings

Chrissi Villa

crossing points...
these bats can see
the future

-Ginyu #59, 2013, Japan

Ernesto P. Santiago

computer keypads
run amok in silence
making history

Edic J. Piano

Dos Por Dos Haiku Poems (2/4/2 syllables)

the moon transform...

Willie Bongky

Dos Por Dos Senryu Poems (2/4/2 words/syllables)

do re
mi fa sol la
si do

Santíago Víllafanía

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