Monday, November 4, 2013

Healing Conversations with Mildred

     The edited show Healing Coversations on Firefly Willows is now posted on BlogTalkRadio.

     Here is the link:

     This is absolutely a learning experience for me. I wasn't very comfortable talking on air because I wasn't sure how to naturally start talking once I was asked to speak. I also think I was talking to fast.
     Yet, I was thrilled to share my tanka prose and poetry. If I'm not mistaken, I shared 6 sets. I also felt good being able to share some of my lessons and thoughts about grief and loss. 

     Some people may not like the idea of finding answers or comfort through a psychic, but for me it worked. I think I'm like other people who are open to anything to explore some answers from different ways. As long as it's not harmful to me and it helps me get through the pain and sorrow, then nothing is wrong with it.

     I hope you enjoy the show and that you learned something from it. :-)


  1. Great debut Chrissi, and I could hear that the presenter and guests were visibly moved by your tanka poems, which you read exceedingly well.

    Look forward eagerly to more radio appearances from you.

    warmest regards,


    1. Thank you so much for finding the time to listen to the show. You gave such very helpful tips which helped a lot.

      Again, thank you for all the support! :-)