Saturday, February 16, 2013

Evening Drizzle on NeverEnding Story

evening drizzle
notes from his guitar 
perfume the air

Haigaonline 12:2, December 2011

     Yesterday Chen-ou Liu published the above haiku on his new blog NeverEnding Story, particularly in the Butterfly Dream section, with two Chinese translations and his comment. 
     This haiku was also reprinted in four e-papers. 
     Poetry and Poetry Lovers, edited by Sweepy (A D Joyce)
     The Poetry Daily, edited by Govind Joshi
     The Poetry Daily, edited by My Blogworld
     The Poetry and Me Daily, edited by Poetry and Me
      If you want to submit your best published haiku or new work to Chen-ou, go to this link


  1. Oh your words perfume my memory of a wonderful outdoor concert I attended many years ago! I can still hear those softly sensuous notes lingering in the air. Thank you!

  2. I'm so glad you can relate to my haiku. It makes me feel good when one does. Thank you too for leaving this message here. :-)

  3. ur blog is indeed a beautiful blossomig rain of words...GOD<3U