Tuesday, January 8, 2013

He Doodles You 'Ku - Day 1-8

     Take a peek at what's happening on Auburie Cox's Yay Words! You won't believe how much the group has grown in a week, not to mention the fantastic haiku and tanka for HM Yuan's doodles that have piled up. 
     Catching  up on the days that I've missed, here's what I came up with. Nothing compared to my personal favorites, but hey, at least I'm trying. :-) 
     Click a specific day to see the doodles and everybody's posts. 

the sinking sun
lingers at the brim
of your cup
how long can I stop you
from leaving

~ 0 ~

no time left 
to say goodbye . . .
withered rose

I let the wind
speak for me . . .
winter tree

holding on
to what's left of him . . .
fading sun

Christmas moon
the memory of her
peppermint breath

winter buds
the morning unfolds
between my silence

fork on the road
his choices
almost identical

cloud formation
where do I begin
telling you

sudden wind
her childhood days
snatched too soon


  1. (...hey, at least I am trying)And a very good try it is!I like many of them, esp. 'cloud formation','peppermint breath' and both the poems on day 8. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the support and encouragement, Sanjuktaa. You selected my favorites. :-)