Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Open Mic

     At the last day of 2012, the December Haiku Share on Prose Posies had come to an end. I've been missing the daily experience, but I just found out the good news. Cara Holman has presented a new challenge for this year - 2013 Open Mic. It's still the December Haiku Share, but on a monthly basis rather than daily. Yay!!! Click here to find out the basic ground rules. 
     In case you missed the last 10 days of the December Haiku Share, below are my daily offerings. Click a particular day to see the full post.

Day 21

lavender mist
he murmurs another name
in his sleep

weeping willow
I wake up
laughing from a dream

Christmas stocking
a boy pretends
he hasn't caught Santa

summer breeze
shadows in the moonight
rock the boat

she believes
another white lie
wine moon

surrendering to 
a choir of birds

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  1. Terrific writing ~ Your haiga are specially lovely ~

    Love your offering ~

  2. Thanks, Grace! It's nice that you found time to read them. :-)