Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Best of Mijikai Haiku 2012 is a Big Hit!

     Such fabulous news! The Best of Mijikai Haiku 2012 has been #1 best seller in Asian Poetry on Amazon.

     Here's the latest update from Ed Bremson, the man behind the book's success:
     Our ebook is now #1 in Asian Poetry, #2 in Haiku. Whoopee!
     The way this works is we've sold about a dozen books in the past 22 hours so that pushes up father up to the top of the list, solely because of the activity. I think I've seen this happen before with other books, start out good, then slack off later. Anyway, as I've said earlier, the recognition -- for all of us -- is good. Right now, today, you are all a part of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon, and you deserve to be proud. 

     The Best of Mijikai Haiku 2012 is a collection of 200 Mijikai haiku, written by 50 poets from a group on Facebook called Mijikai Haiku. This is a just sampling from the group, whose membership has swiftly increased in a period of few months. Currently, there are 117 members from different locations such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Punjab, India, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Croatia, Denmark, Canada, California, Arkansas, and North Carolina. 
     Click this link to purchase your own copy. Yes, it's for real! For just 99 cents, you have a precious book to keep! ;-)

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