Saturday, November 17, 2012

With Cherries on Top

   The most awaited haiku and senryu collection, With Cherries on Top: 31 Flavors from NaHaiWriMo, is available now for FREE download here. Special thanks to the 31 prompters, the contributors, and most especially to Michael Dylan Welch for all his hard work in putting together this beautiful pdf book. 
     For each daily prompt, at least five haiku were carefully selected. I'm thrilled and honored  because aside from being one of the 31 prompters, three of my haiku are among the cream of the crop. Thanks to the NaHaiWriMo community for all the support and inspiration. 

     tide pool
     a gulls plucks a starfish
     along with my dream

     prompt by Patty Hardin: tide pool
     hospital bed
     the way his eyes light up
     when he sees me
     prompt by Gillena Cox: love

     cotton-candy clouds
     days when I am
     one of the butterflies

     prompt by Cara Holman: childhood in summer

    Also included in the book are Michael Dylan Welch's fantastic photos, one of which is on the front cover.



  1. Hi Chrissi, your "cotton-candy clouds" followed by "tide pool" must be among my top selections from this collection. Congrats, friend!

  2. Thank you, my friend! Btw, I've just checked all your haiku. Wow! You have 6 all in all! As usual, I'm very impressed by the quality of your haiku. My favorites are "blue dusk," "tide pool," and "lunching with the in-laws."
    I hope you feel better nowadays and go back to writing again. Take care! *hugs*