Monday, September 24, 2012

Sea Bandits

     Sea Bandits is now available for viewing! I've already read it from cover to cover. So delightful as ever! Once again, Aubrie Cox put together another superb collaborative project on Yay Words!. This time it's packed with a little of everything - haiku, haiga, tanka, sequences, haibun, prose poems - from regular and new contributors. I sure miss her doodles, but there are a few added in the mix.
     I'm so pleased to have my two haiku included among the many lovely short poems. Aubrie finds my "mermaid" haiku incredibly endearing, and I owe it all to her wonderful doodle. 

missing home
a mermaid holds to her ear
a broken seashell

     To read more "treasures" from the sea, download the PDF copy here