Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Haiga of the Month on Haiku-Art


     I'm so honored to have my haiga posted on Ramona Linke's blog Haiku-Art as Haiga of the Month (September 2012) I actually, wrote this haiku for Jens-Christian Kjaer's photo on Poem to Picture . Ramona happened to see that I posted it here so she asked me if she could feature it on her blog. Why not? I was actually pleased and very honored because I was asked by an award-winning haiku poet. ;-) To refresh your memory, she was the one who won the Excellence Award in the Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest


  1. Congratulations, Chrissi! I love it too. A lovely gift of the many gifts of love for today?

    Happy Wedding Anniversary! Wishing both you and your hubby much love and happiness on this lovely day.

    1. Thanks, Asni! It was yesterday. We've been celebrating it already for three days hahaha. I guess the celebration never stops. Every day is a special gift :-)

  2. Congrats, Chrissi! Absolutely beautiful image and ku to match!

  3. Hi, Sanjuktaa! It's supposed to be a plug. I couldn't write about it so I thought about a bike ;-) Thanks for liking the haiga! *hugs*

  4. ... thanks, Chrissi, for your friendly words ;o)

    A nice time ...

  5. Thanks, Chrissi, for the link to A Hundred Gourds... Great work there... Love it.