Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frameless Sky

A Hundred Gourds (1:4 September 2012)

Photo Credit: Perry Villa

Shared with Free Haiga on Facebook on Sept. 4, 2012


  1. Christine, your blog is lovely. For this haiga, I love the image and the image the poem makes of the image. :) But you might want to take this one down and re-post it in a month or so - I think A Hundred Gourds requests a period of exclusivity for 40 days or so (check their submissions page) after they publish something.

  2. Thanks for appreciating my haiga and for calling my attention regarding the publication rights. I emailed the haiga editor and apologized about the posts. He understood that I wasn't aware of it and he said that I could leave the posts here as long as I cited where it was first published. I temporarily took it down. Here it is again. :-)