Monday, July 30, 2012

Winter Dream Tanka- (Special Mention)

   What a marvelous birthday surprise! My very first tanka submitted for a contest has received a special mention at The Siloh Tanka Contest.
     Here's the tanka and some comments from Kirsten Cliff.

by the fireplace
the crackle of our laughter
melting into a dream
only the winter moon knows
how long is forever

     This reminds me so much of hubby and I these winter evenings sitting by the fire that I loved it from its first reading. “only the winter moon knows/ how long is forever” - extremely poignant, and excellent imagery. You have a great tanka future, Chrissi!

     I wasn't sure if I could submit a tanka worthy of any praise when I first heard of her contest. I've mostly written haiku, and I hardly remember what I've read when I browsed the website Tanka Online a long time ago. I'm glad I gave it a shot, anyway, because after being inspired by all the entries submitted before mine, I slowly remembered how much tanka tugs at my heart strings. It makes me take a peek of a poet's thoughts and feelings. It also allows me as a writer to be more open and vulnerable. There's something about it that keeps me more in touch with my emotions.
     I'm very pleased to receive this special mention. It's a great inspiration! I can't wait to read some more stunning tanka and create my own in the future.

    Thank you, Kirsten, for all the encouragement and support.


  1. Congratulations, Christine! I love your tanka for Kirsten's birthday. It tugs at my heart strings. Keep on writing tanka!

  2. By the way, Happy Birthday Christine! I hope you are having a beautiful day.

  3. Thank you so much, Asni. My birthday is still tomorrow, but I've started my celebration since yesterday. Kirsten and I have the same birthday. :-) Like Kirsten, I love that same line - "the choices I didn't make"

  4. Congratulations, Chrissi and belated happy birthday! God bless always!


  5. Thanks, Angelo! God bless you, too! :-)