Monday, July 23, 2012

The Collaborative Photo-Haiku Project (Entry 23)

     This is for Rina Macaranas and Cara Holman who are both celebrating their birthdays today. 

photo by Tif Holmes

birthday dance . . .
on her bedroom wall
wings of sunlight


saffron sky-
how will i wait
till morning?

(Asni Amin)

saffron sky-
how will i wait
till morning
how you smiled at me
is all I can imagine

(collaborative tanka with Asni)


  1. aloha Christine - i like that last line - "wings of sunlight". along with the wall that image becomes very strong in my skull. i like that.

    i also wanted to say thank you for your interest in the 30 days of haiga month for September. i'm hoping to place a few reminders on my blog about it each week now. please feel free to pass the thought on to others. there are no real requirements other than to create and have fun. it will be fun to see what you do - aloha

  2. Aloha! Thank you, Rick. I'm very pleased that you appreciate the image in my haiku. :-)

    I'll be posting it here and on Facebook so it will attract some people to your blog. I hope I can be creative during that time. I'll try my best :-) It will be a lot of fun to see a whole month of haiga.

    1. cool, you're welcome and thank you Christine.

      yeah, we all have multiple worlds (planets) we spin on. i have no idea what my month of September may be like. ...or August for that matter (at any time in there i may have to deal with scrapping my computer - or at least replacing it).

      the way i see it if i create some where within one to thirty haiga in September then i'm on the right track. if one of those is full of awe, ah or ah-ha - or any combination there of - then cool and fun on. aloha.

  3. I hope September will allow me to play. If things go well on my world, I'll be there for sure. :-)

    I'm sure your haiga will encite a lot of ahhh or awww... You're an excellent haikuist and haiga artist!