Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Collaborative Photo Haiku-Project (Entry 9)

     I think I'm going to start writing haiku again on Tif Holmes' blog. Lately, her photos are very inspiring.
     My first entry is for July 9. 

photo by Tif Holmes

winter night
a string of memories
opening past wounds

Kathy Uyen Nguyen's comment:
Poignant and sad. I love this! 


  1. Sad but lovely haiku.

    Tif Holmes' blog is very interesting and I'm inspired to also join in!

    Thank you for sharing this, Christine.

  2. Thanks, Asni. You should join in. It will be more fun to read your lovely haiku. I'll try to submit to Carry on Tuesday. :-)

  3. Christine, I'm so glad you've returned! And thanks very much for the compliment regarding my photos.

    Asni, please do join us! It's a wonderful community.

    1. Tif, you always post breathtaking photos. I've just been inspired lately to write. It can be very therapeutic.