Friday, April 6, 2012

Doodlefest (Day 2-10)

(Click the headings to see doodle of Aubrie Cox on Yay Words!)

focusing on a tree
a squirrel poses
for the camera

the taste of coffee
so many words
slip away

taking me home
the shadows
of a dragonfly

cradling my heart
a slice of grandma's
apple pie

missing petals--
on the photo
her toothless smile

the song
in my prayer...
candle flame

writer's block
searching for a haiku
to unclip my wings

heart emoticons
making me blush
cyber love

   crushed petals--
sending him
the last email


  1. Great haiku, Chrissi! My two favorites here are the "toothless smile" and "writer's block." I love the "to unclip my wings" line. Just beautiful!

    Oh, and I noticed another journal that accepts haiku posted on blogs or social media sites-Multiverses.

    Gisele :)

  2. Thank you for finding the time to visit my blog. I was a hesitant about posting all my haiku. It's great that you're here to appreciate them. Please check out the next doodlefest posts so I know which are the ones that you like. :-)

    I have Multiverses on my list, too, but thanks for reminding me. After Aubrie picks what she likes, I'll be submitting them out. Perhaps, I can revise a few. :-)