Thursday, March 29, 2012

Favorite Haiku of the Month

     After reading the book, Be Still and Know, I've decided to feature some of my favorite haiku written by Svetlana Marisova. I wish I had the chance to meet here while she was still actively participating on NaHaiWriMo. I get a little glimpse of myself in some of her haiku. In fact, I have written at least two haiku that are similar to hers. Perhaps, if she were still alive, we would have connected.

singing alone
the child chains daisies . . .
autumn dusk
   morning frost—
the crackling sound
of our eyes
winter chill—
still this outburst
of flowers
autumn rain—
the colour of birdsong
so simple
the way dewdrops
prayer time . . .
snowflakes melting
on my palms
icy wind—
the bare branch scratches
an epitaph
fading light . . .
my eyes follow
a mayfly
the spring dew
I have become . . .
rising sun
distant sun . . .
dewdrops clinging
to branches
flashlit eyes—
the dream of being
someone's dream

     It will be incomplete not to include at least two of Ted van Zutphen's haiku. These two haiku made my eyes teary as I was reading the last pages of the book.

autumn rain . . .
the mirror in a night
of tears
our last touch
through the looking-glass . . .
moonlight shadows

     Once again I'm posting here where you can read more about the piognant story of these two soulmates who met on line. You can purchase it on that site or here with free shipping. If you want to take a peak of the book, a PDF copy can be found on Svetlana's blog. 


  1. Thank you, Chrissi, a lovely tribute to my soulmate. I'm glad our book made such an impression on you. I'm sure you and her would have made great friends <3

  2. You're welcome! It's an honor to feature her here. I'm sure she's watching over us, lighting our path in our haiku journey. :-)

  3. Beautiful haiku. Such simple moments, and yet the kind of haiku that linger in the soul. Thanks for posting this, Chrissi. I will definitely check out this book.

    Gisele :)

  4. I bet if we have known her and have watched their relationship grow, we would read all the haiku in a different level. Still, the haiku in this book touches the soul. I'll email you more about it. :-)