Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Haiku of the Month

     Ted van Zutphen is another haiku poet whom I've noticed on NaHaiWro. His haiku seems to linger in my mind.
     Here are two of his remarkable haiku.

     deep freeze...
     the sound of ice
     cracking the moon

     the rose
     holding on to its color
     dirty laundry

     He has always been consistent so I got interested in finding out who he is. Luckily, while doing my detective work here on Facebook, I found out that he has a book entitled Be Still and Know that just came out. :-) I read the synopsis and it quickly grabbed my interest. In just a couple of days, I ordered a a copy here! Read the background story for yourself so you would know what it's all about. I just found out today that you can actually order it with free shipping if you order it from here.
     Thanks, Ted, for sharing me your haiku and for being generous enough to allow me to share Svetlana's haiku here on my blog. I'll let you know which ones before I do.
     For now... I'm waiting impatiently for my book....

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