Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haiku for Whitney

     In honor of the singing legend, the greatest voice of all time, who had her memorial service today, I posted this haiku on CPH project. For Tif's photo, click here.

     off you go, Whitney
     I Will Always Love You
     forever in our hearts

     It's not a really good haiku, but I like it. :-) The first line was actually Kevin Costner's words in his eulogy for her. I agree with what he said in the funeral. When she reaches heaven, she doesn't have to worry if she's good enough. She'll always be good enough. My  wish for her is that here on earth, she'll be remembered more for her God-given talent and the countless times she had touched our hearts with her songs.

falling star
a voice whispers 


  1. I agree. I hope people will remember her more for her voice and songs rather than those dark moments of her life.

    I love "falling star" 'ku! Lovely!

  2. Thanks, Kathy! :-) You always brighten my day :-)