Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Very First Haiku

     Last year I was so thrilled when I found Berry Blue Haiku, a magazine for young readers up to 13. I instantly fell in love with haiku as a unique form of expression. I tried writing my own haiku and the following was chosen for their premier issue in June 2010.

     ten toes dipped
     in sand and water
     sandals float away

     Here is the cover of the magazine.
     My next attempt to be published was a failure. I couldn't grasp the concept of writing the "proper" haiku. I read their recommended articles and books and found writing haiku not as easy as it seems. The words required are simple yet profound; the techniques are hard to master. Where do I find extraordinary things to write about? How long does it take to master such skills?
     I actually gave up on it until one day, after six months of resignation, I browsed their website again. On my computer screen was the editors' June 2010 Haiku Picks. I tried to amuse myself by believing I would see my name. To my surprise, under Honorable Mentions, down at the very bottom, my "ten toes" was considered as a perfect summer haiku.

     From then on, inspiration has been falling like blossom rain and I've become a dedicated haiku student. I've realized along the way that haiku is a journey, a spiritual practice that makes me more aware of the beauty in ordinary moments.

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